Get Real

As you may know by now, I love mascara. My mom says my eyelashes are so long and thick that I don’t need to use mascara, but I truly think it takes the lashes to the next level. In my make up drawer I always have at least 4 full sized tubes – because they obviously each serve their own purpose and have something unique about them. There are a few that are my absolute faves for special occasions and my one go to for daily use.

So lets start with my go to special occasion mascara….

Too Faced – Better Than Sex

I LOVE this. It makes my lashes look like I am wearing falsies. The wand is really big and allows for an even coat of mascara across your eyelashes. WARNING: don’t use on your bottom lashes unless you are into the whole “i wanna look like a doll” look, which I am totally not a fan of. This mascara is a little much for everyday use for me, but it really works wonders when you want that added glam.

And for my go to day to day mascara…

Benefit – They’re Real

This wand took me a little while to get used to simply because it is a rubber based wand, but I absolutely love this mascara. It really separates the lashes and makes them look thick and long without looking clumpy. It works amazing with the new They’re Real Gel Liner. Seriously go buy these and you eyes will look amazing everyday. 


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