Flying Geese Watching Over Me

The last two months have been something of a whirlwind for my family. To call things bittersweet would be an understatement. August 14, 2014 will forever be a day remembered as being bittersweet. On that warm Thursday morning, I was preparing for my final interview and getting ready to sign my first teaching contract; excitement was running through my blood. However, when I was sitting in the conference room during my interview, I felt an overwhelming sense of unease. Little did I know that outside the walls of the room I was in, my world and my entire family’s world would change forever. On August 14, 2014, I lost my brother-in-law in a tragic traffic accident. Life as we knew it was suddenly different. I had to find out the news from my best friend’s father. But, worst than that, my sister had to put the pieces together while she was at work at the hospital. Our lives were different. In the blink of an eye, everything had changed. However, this isn’t a post about sadness or telling a tear jerking story. This is a post about hope and knowing that God is watching over every single one of us.

To tell this story, I need to backtrack many years. Growing up, my grandfather was an avid hunter. When he passed away, my whole soon began to feel a connection with the geese that took up home at the local ponding basins. It all began at his funeral when a flock flew directly over us. From then on, everywhere we looked, everywhere we went, there were a flock of geese flying over.

When my sister, Megan, and my brother-in-law, Matthew, got married, there was a flock of geese that flew over the venue as soon as the groomsmen made their entrance. And, to top things off, there was one fat goose that was trailing behind. We all joked this was my Papa attending the wedding and letting us all know he was there.

Fast forward to August 15, 2014. I had to get out of the house and go for a run the day after the accident. I felt like I could go forever that day. But, after about 6 miles I just froze where I was alongside the road, dropped to the ground, and started balling my eyes out. I couldn’t help but think that life wasn’t fair. I felt like I couldn’t go on, then, over the loud sound of my iPod, I heard them. I heard the geese. I looked up to the sky and there was a small flock going right above me. That is when I knew I wasn’t alone and I would never be alone.

At the candlelight vigil held in his honor, a flock of geese flew directly over home plate and then circled around the field. Matthew was with us that night. When we had the graveside funeral, again, a flock of geese flew directly over the burial site. Matthew was with us that day too.

Everyday on my drive to work, there is a flock of geese that guides my path, and I know that I am safe. I am safe because I have two special guardian angels up in heaven and I have a God whose love is beyond compare. Isaiah 46:4 states, ” I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” We are truly blessed to have a God that loves us so much that he carries us all, through every tragedy and every triumph, we are on his shoulders. He is there to keep us afloat and save us when we are falling. When life is going well, we often forget to thank him. But when hard times hit, thats often when we instantly go to blame God. So I urge you, to seek Him even on the days when you don’t feel you need His strength because the truth is, you need Him more than you may realize.

And so, I will always be thankful for the flying geese watching over me.


2 thoughts on “Flying Geese Watching Over Me

  1. Beautiful Shelby. Very sorry for your loss and you and your family will remain in my prayers. Hard not to shed tears reading this 😦

  2. Dear Shelby, Your post is so special and is a very touching tribute to the memory of Matthew. There is not a day that goes by that we do not think of Megan and Matthew and the short beautiful time they had to be husband and wife . It will always be a source of sadness for all of us who love them so much. We now are thankful for their precious little child that when born will be as a gift from the love they shared. Thank you for sharing “Flying Geese Watching Over Me. We love you very much Shelby. With love, Ed and Sandy

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